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Father & Man


In recent years, the world and family roles have changed. Expectations for men have changed, and we increasingly feel that traditional male roles and father models are not sufficient for successful fatherhood.


The terms "father" and "man" now have a more complex, emotional meaning. It is not easy to balance the vacuum cleaner and the hammer in our hands at the same time, so that we remain consistent and face the expectations received from society.

Sometimes we have to be a boss who makes immediate decisions, and sometimes we have to be a consistent and effective mentor with new and invisible, additional tasks and an empathetic approach. And childhood is short and constantly changing in an extremely digitalised and gaming oriented word, which causes even more challenges for a modern man who supports his partner and wants to live up to his fatherhood.


The desire to be a good father, to raise happy and well-adjusted children so that our partner also prevails in the areas that are important to her, is paramount for of us.

As a practicing coach, career changer, full-time father with an expat wife, I see it as my mission to help other men get the most out of their "new" masculinity and fatherhood.


With my own experience, coaching tools and Man, Myself & I program, I support you and your children in becoming successful, happy and confident adults.


Manager & Father Development:


In a world that demands empathy, collaboration, and authentic connection, cultivating a leadership style rooted in compassion and understanding is key. Navigating the dual responsibilities of leadership and caring fatherhood can present unique challenges. The challenge lies in the fact that we want to excel in both areas, which often leads to burnout, strained relationships and feelings of inadequacy. Time management and finding the right balance becomes critical before the personal and professional spheres suffer irreparable damage.


As a manager, you likely face the weight of these challenges every day, affecting your well-being, performance, and family dynamics.


As a career changer, former international manager, father and protective partner who strived for balance and harmony in his whole life, my goal is to support you on this journey. With this program, I specialize in guiding managers towards a balancing approach. Promote a workplace culture where strength and empathy coexist harmoniously.


'Mastering Man, Myself & I' leadership coaching program helps you become a successful, balanced leader, a caring father, a supportive partner, a strong, self-aware and empathetic man at the same time.


"I also don't believe in the false dichotomy that says that in order to be successful at home, you have to be less successful at work. It's not about either or. With careful planning, you can do both. In fact, you've achieved it in one place success breeds success elsewhere. It's never too late to start over with your family, even if you didn't pay enough attention to them in the past."




7 coaching sessions aimed at the conscious living of the new, empathetic, caring masculinity. As a result, your emotional intelligence increases, your decision-making ability improves, work and private life are balanced, and your family relationships become stronger. As a leader, you can experience greater loyalty and stronger commitment from your team, which contributes to a more holistic and successful leadership style.

Individual coaching process FOR YOU, if the following are important to you:


Advanced fathering skills

The program provides an opportunity to develop fathering skills, helping participants to be more aware and effective in their current or future parenting role.


Evaluated emotional intelligence

The program focus on emotional intelligence, enabling men to manage complex emotions, communicate assertively with family members, and build strong, positive relationships.


More efficient time management

The program creates an opportunity to develop time management skills, helping fathers to more effectively balance work, personal development and quality family time.


Better work-life balance

Men often face the challenge of balancing work and family responsibilities. The coaching program helps you develop strategies to better integrate your work and personal life, reducing stress and improving overall well-being.


Self-knowledge, personal development

Through self-reflection and guided exercises, men can start on the path of self-development, which results in personal development and a deeper understanding of their own values and aspirations.


Development of leadership skills

The program connects the parallels between leadership and fatherhood, which strengthen leadership qualities with a coaching approach in family dynamics as well.

White Structure

Price of the process: 119.000 HUF. By paying for the first three sessions at the same time, the 7th session is free.


  • The first two sessions are a conversation based on predetermined questions, the purpose of which is to explore, connect, and deepen

  • Session 3: self-knowledge section, motivational map, strengths, weaknesses

  • Session 4: definition of the detailed objective and action plan

  • Session 5-6.: use of coaching techniques necessary to achieve the goal

  • +1 Session: Sum-up, follow-ups, milestones


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