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Graduated Business & Team Coach
ICF ACC Certified Coach


Specialist of Caring Masculinity


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During our coaching sessions we select and make your own internal frequency unjammed to achieve your goals. After agreement we clear the air and get on a common wavelength, then we amplify the inner voice that we use as a resource to achieve your predefined goal. ​

I am Miklós Fiáth. I have been living in Qatar with my family since October, 2023. I am a graduated business and team coach ICF ACC certified coach. My bachelor's degree is international affairs specialist, which is accompanied by an MBA degree from the Budapest University of Technology. I have nearly 20 years of work experience in sales, marketing and technical fields, from which 15 years comes from the automotive industry. I have been leading teams in domestic and international environments for 10 years.


The keys to my success as a leader was that I led with a coaching approach. I connected well with my team, I treated everyone as a partner. I tried to ensure that everyone receives the attention and feedback that helps to achieve individual and team goals. Teamwork and the connection of the members are essential, which I put a lot of emphasis on, while I emphatically approached the challenges of the individual's work and personal life. I build my identity as a coach on this strength.


The support of woman is a very important task of mine, but as a father, I consider the support of work-life balance of manager fathers to be a matter of my heart. I am specialised on supporting the caring masculinity. I do also support the intuitive decision making.

My experience and expertise guarantee that I will be a reliable and professional partner during our journey as a coach. My success is realised when clients feel satisfied and achieved their goals with their own solutions.


The impact of my nearly 20 years of experience at my workplace strongly shaped the development of my personality and coach identity.  I climbed the career ladder from the trainee position to the international manager level, where I became the manager of more than 40 employees from 8 countries.

As a manager I have learned how to get the most out of a team with scarce resources to achieve our goals. For this, the coaching approach primarily helped, but I also always had an inner drive to find a more effective solution or approach that is simpler, faster or cheaper than the one that has worked well so far. Sometimes it required organisational restructuring, sometimes it required digital transformation, and sometimes it required full-scale people management and reorganizations.

I have worked throughout my career in French and Hungarian owned companies, but I have experience with Korean leadership style. Most of my experience is obtained in a multinational environment, but I was working also in a family business. Actually, I am a freelance business coach working from Qatar, offering remote support. 

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Motivational Map Consulting

CHN / Coaching w/o Borders International School

ICF Certified Program

CHN / Coacging w/o Borders International School


150 hours pszichodrama, self-refelection
Hungarian Pszichdrama Association

Organization development and corporate culture
LABA Hungary

Motivational Map Consulting Course to extend my coaching tools.


ICF Level 1 Certified Course. Prepartion for ACC Coach Certification.

I was not able to finish it because of relocation.

I have acquired knowledge thanks to which I am able to support the challenges of organizations adapting to our constantly changing world. 


Business and Team Coach
Budapest Metropolitan University

The topic of my diploma is "Support of caring masculinity in coaching". Its extract is available from this link:

Supporting caring masculinity in coaching - Hungarian Coach Review   


Budapest University of Technology

Information Communication and Human Resource Management specialization


Specialist in International Relations
General Business College

Obtaining my bachelor's degree in European Integration



Individual sessions

Using my experience, I specialized mainly in such topics, which focus on the obstacles and challenges of work and business life, but often these they can hardly be separated from private life problems. I work with what client offers. I respond to the topic, but coach the whole man.

From March 2024, I expanded my coaching toolbox with the Motivational Map Consulting service. The Motivational Map is a dynamic and practical self-knowledge and development tool that successfully improves the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations, and can also serve as a compass in case of a career change plan. ​


If you, as a man, are looking for a balance between fatherhood and a successful career without wanting to give up either, I recommend my MM&I coaching program, which you can read about in detail here. Pricing for this program varies.

Business Coaching

50-70 minutes

Coaching process with minimum 5 sessions online or in person

Executive Coaching



As a manager, you expect support to workplace and career-related challenges


Possible topics:

  • Work / private life balance

  • Efficiency

  • Time management, priorities

  • Career change

  • Conflict management

  • Stress management

  • Better cooperation in organisation

  • Motivation

  • Designation of directaions

Life Coaching

60 minutes

Coaching process with minimum 5 sessions online or in person

Life coaching


You're stuck in your current phase of life, you have a dilemma and you expect support in case of blockages related to personal life, family and parental roles. 

Possible topics: 

  • Definition of personal values

  • Goal setting

  • Stress management

  • Overcoming self-doubt

  • Personal and relationship dilemmas and conflicts

  • Dilemmas related to parental role

  • Performance enhancement

  • Relocating and living abroad


60 minutes

8 sessions (1 per week), permanent availability, fixed time frames between online and phone. Only for HU.


Mentoring is different from coaching. As your mentor, during our close cooperation, I support you by forming opinions, making recommendations, and giving advice to achieve a project or specific objective. 

Possible topics:

  • Career counseling

  • Acquiring a dream job

  • Job interview preparation 

  • Career plans in the medium and long term

  • Competence development

  • Practicing feedback giving

  • Evaluation of presentations

  • Team-building

  • Developing your own brand

  • Management of downsizing and relocations

  • Organizational design and organizational development

  • Construction and development of a contact network 

  • Online team building methods

For organizations

Working in a team, managing teams, forming a well-functioning team from individuals has always been one of my passions. I am fortunate to have been leading people for ten years now and have experienced all the benefits and challenges of this responsibility. As a newly promoted manager, I was operating rather on an intuitive basis at the beginning. I had one rule: to be the kind of boss I always wanted for myself and I should try to avoid the leadership mistakes I suffered as a subordinate. During the years that have passed, I have been able to experience all the situations that come with leading. And thanks to the Team Coach training, I acquired a methodology that I can still use today in connection with increasing efficiency, solving problems, establishing common goals, conflict management, and team building.  

Team Coaching

60 minutes

5 - 10 suitable coaching processes online or in person

Pricing by agreement

Organizational development consulting is completely different from team coaching. I gladly support small and medium-sized enterprises in their development, strengthen their operations with advice so that they are more resistant to change and make their operations more efficient. I work according to two principles.

  1. Unhindered flow of information vertically and horizontally it is essential within the organization.

  2. Change requires everyone's commitment, openness and willingness to do something.

I map the current situation with interviews and surveys. We define the goal together. After that, we bring about the necessary change through individual or group consultations, mentoring and coaching processes, and look back and analyze the processes during predetermined milestones.  

Organizational development consulting

Continuous availability for specific time frames between online and telephone, individual and group, coaching, consultations

Pricing by agreement


Ambrus Zoltán 

Project manager

"I contacted Miklós at a turning point in my professional career, because I felt that a neutral, external, independent point of view would be useful, with the help of which I could look at the situation. Working together with Miklós was based on mutual respect and trust from the start. His supportive presence , his empathetic attitude created the safe atmosphere that helped me rethink my goals. I recommend it with love!"




"From the first minute, we created a direct, safe and confidential atmosphere, and then with well-targeted questions, he helped us see the depths of things and find the possible causes of minor problems and blockages. It was a very exciting journey of discovery, with useful tasks."

Rákóczi Nikolette

Business and Team Coach 

"I met Miki during METU's Business and Team Coach training, and I had the good fortune to work with him in several internships during the university. The mutual sympathy and respect formed a good professional and friendly relationship between us, so I can say without any bias that he is an honest, considerate man who can raise his demanding work to an even higher level with his high intelligence and extremely good sense of humor. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who likes to be really listened to and needs a new perspective on their hang-ups."

Sziládi Hedvig

Founder of Self Brand Academy

"I met Miki during our university training as a Business and team coach. His direct, confident drive clearly indicated to me from the first moment that we would easily be on the same wavelength. He is a congruent, comprehensive, professional coach who is also committed to self-development and increasing his professional knowledge. Relevant psychological, coaching he effectively combines his knowledge with his personal leadership experience and knowledge. His extensive domestic and international leadership experience provides a solid foundation for coordinating the strategy of our individual and group goals. Our professional relationship has become a sincere and lasting friendship. Based on my work and experience with Miki, I recommend him with conviction to anyone who wants to achieve change in key areas of their lives. "


University student

"I discovered a lot of new things about myself during the conversations with Miki. First of all, I learned to penetrate deeper into my thoughts, emotions, and memories. Secondly, if I want to put it simply, I felt happier and more confident after the conversations. Miki was a pleasant company. I considered the coaching successful, I have achieved certain goals that I have not yet achieved, and I know how I will achieve them."

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